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2 Towns Rhubarbarian Cider Review

As my interest in brewing hard cider grows, I will probably check out some more commercial examples to see what’s cooking in the industry, and tonight I will be checking one out from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, located in Oregon. 2 Towns Rhubarbarian is a Fruit Cider with 6.9% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and it is available as a summer seasonal release.

2 Towns Rhubarbarian is a clear, golden colored cider, with some bubbles emerging during the pour, quickly settling out and becoming still.

The apple characteristic stands out in the scent, with not much of any rhubarb coming through.

The rhubarb definitely emerges in the taste, providing sour notes which take center stage. The cider is fermented pretty dry, playing a supporting role. Medium acidity mingles with the tangy rhubarb. Mouth is medium bodied, some tannic astringency, with a dry finish.

Rhubarbarian is the second cider I’ve had from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, and I have been impressed with their stuff so far. It starts pretty sour, but after a few sips everything becomes nicely balanced. A nice, dry Fruit Cider, definitely worth checking out.

2 Towns Rhubarbarian : B+
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