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Atwater Vanilla Java Porter Beer Review

The other beer I picked up from Detroit’s Atwater Brewery is an English Porter with 5.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Atwater Vanilla Java Porter. Vanilla Java Porter is one of Atwater’s year round offerings, which are currently available in 17 states.

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter is a black bodied beer, all of which admits a dim mahogany glow when held up to a light. A small, khaki colored head tops it off, with a moderate amount of lacing coating the glass.

Vanilla extract is the dominant element of the scent, with black and chocolate malts and a bit of a roast.

Vanilla is the overriding factor in the taste as well, with a moderate amount of roast in the background. Hints of caramel and chocolate add a bit of depth. The mouth is medium bodied and actively carbonated.

I wish the other aspects of Atwater Vanilla Java Porter were enhanced, as the vanilla aspects overpower the rest of the supporting cast. Overall, it is a pretty one-dimensional beer, but assuming you are into vanilla porters, it would be worth checking out a bottle or pint.

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter : C+

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter Specs
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 12
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