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The Beer Babe’s Best – 2015 (The Bollard)

“What’s your favorite beer?” is the most loaded question a beer writer can be asked. I view it as highly conditional. Do you mean the beer I most like to sit on my porch and sip? The beer I’d drink to ...

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Ale-Soaked Apple Pie

Ale-Soaked Apple Pie It took me far too long to combine two of my favorite culinary loves: beer and pie – but now that I have, I wanted to share this recipe with you. This recipe – modified from my ...

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Najaar Winter Saison by Monnik – Review

Final Word: Najaar (Dutch for autumn) is a winter saison from the soon-to-be-open Monnik Brewing Co. in the Schnitzelburg area of Louisville. Saisons are one of brewer Scott Hand’s specialties/favorites, and having been pleased with his true-to-style and ginger versions, ...

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Can Women Be Heard In a Bar?

Whenever I am asked about being a woman in the “male-dominated beer industry” I always get the sense that the person asking the question is waiting for me to respond with a story featuring an egregious act of discrimination based ...

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Maine. Yes, Beer’s Good Here.

Portland Beer Week, happening Nov. 1-7, is a celebration of the state’s beer scene, a collection of events designed to showcase the best brews, encourage experimentation and collaboration, and rekindle the camaraderie local craft brewers famously share. There are opportunities ...

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Finding great fall beer — without the P-word

How do you mark the change of seasons into fall? Do you order pumpkin-spiced lattés and put your favorite sweater back on? Or do you curse every time you see a new pumpkin-flavored product cross your path? Many of my ...

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The Session #104 – Don’t Stop The Music

  I’m starting with a plea: Please, if it doesn’t have to end, don’t stop The Session.  The Session has been in existence as long as I’ve been a beer blogger, and has provided me with points of view and access ...

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Am. Pale on Brett by Akasha – Review

Final Word:  Akasha Brewing Co. is still in its infancy as a business (they don’t have official operating hours yet), but what I tasted at a temporary opening was evidence of practiced hands, like musicians who have spent decades with ...

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Big Rock IPA by Great Flood Brewing – Review

Now that autumn is officially here I know you really want a pumpkin beer review. You want one to read while you are drinking your pumpkin spice latte and eating your pumpkin muffin, but sadly this is not a pumpkin ...

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Bay of Bengal DIPA – Review

Final Word:  Power and beauty. Aggression and elegance.  Capable but restrained.  You’ll forgive me for sounding like I’ve switched to writing car commercials, because the characteristics of the jungle cat that Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. chose to feature on Bay ...

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