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Above the Fruited Pint

I’m standing in a beer store, staring at a wall of six-packs chilling in the cooler. As I watch other beer-savvy customers make their selections, I notice a trend. You can see it right on the labels: fruit. The post ...

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Tips for Tasters

If you sense that Maine is going through another brewery growth spurt, your intuition is correct. Since the beginning of this year, four new breweries have joined Maine’s ranks. That leads me to a staggering statistic: the number of breweries ...

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Against the Grain Brewery Poffo Pils – Review

I love a good pilsner. In relation to all of the good ales available in the craft beer world, pilsners are hard to find. Most craft beers are ales, brewed with top fermenting yeast. These ferment faster and require less ...

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Rolling on the River

The inspiration to build a brewery commonly strikes while people are drinking beer. In the case of Dirigo Brewing Company, the seeds of partnership and possibility presented themselves during an appointment for a new set of tires. Last year, Mark ...

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Dank IPA – Bluegrass Brewing Co. – Review

This week I picked up a howler of Dank IPA at the BBC in St Matthews, the oldest current brewery in the city (and state). I spoke with head brewer David Pierce about the beer. He said he was shooting ...

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48 Hours in Portland Maine

Despite being the historic home of Neal Dow, the father of the Prohibition statute known as The Maine Law, Portland, Maine, is far from being dry today. There are now nearly a dozen breweries in the immediate Portland area, and ...

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Death by a Thousand Cups

A bartender’s hand slips off a freshly washed pint glass that falls to the floor with a crash. The sound of its destruction triggers cringes from patrons, some uttering small groans of disapproval. The expense of replacing a pint glass ...

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I’ve Got My Beer To Keep Me Warm

There will always be a place in my heart for high-strength beers and an ideal time to enjoy them: in the darkness of winter in Maine. I first discovered the warming power of alcohol when my grandmother splashed a tiny ...

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Palate Experiment: IPA-free January

Living in the land of Lunch, Calcutta Cutter, Epiphany, and Swish, it’s far too easy to end up drinking hoppy beers by default – and I’m beginning to worry that my hoppy “habit” is causing me to miss some of the ...

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The Beer Babe’s Best – 2015 (The Bollard)

“What’s your favorite beer?” is the most loaded question a beer writer can be asked. I view it as highly conditional. Do you mean the beer I most like to sit on my porch and sip? The beer I’d drink to ...

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