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Bad Weather Firefly Beer Review

I few weeks ago I picked up my first six pack from Bad Weather Brewery, a new local brewery here in Minnesota. Well, to “celebrate” the first snowfall of the year that looks like it will stick around, I will review Bad Weather Firefly, which is a Rye Beer with 5.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

Bad Weather Firefly is a golden colored beer, mildly hazy, with a small, bubbly white head floating atop. A web of lacing is left behind on the glass  as the beer is consumed.

The nose has spicy rye and pale malts on one hand, and hops on the other, floral, citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Pale malts start off the taste, a bit of grain, accented with some spicy rye, hints of lighter fruit notes in the transition, with the hop finish starting floral, citrus, lemony, fruity, with some herbal and spicy notes closing it out. The mouth is medium bodied and moderately carbonated.

I was quite impressed with Bad Weather Firefly when I first tried it, and I meant to follow up with some of their other offerings, but haven’t gotten around to that yet. Now that I am reminded how flavorful and well-crafted Firefly is, it shouldn’t take me long to get inspired to check out the rest of their beers. It sports a nice mixture of pacific and American hops, and the underlying barley and rye provide a nice backbone. Worth checking out for local readers in the Twin Cities.

Bad Weather Firefly : B+
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