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Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen Beer Review

The other night I had my first look at a beer from Bad Weather Brewery, a new local brewery here in the Twin Cities. Tonight I will check out a limited release beer from them called Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen. Schoko-Weizen is a Dunkelweizen with 7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and is the first beer in the Storm Cellar Series of limited edition beers.

Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen is a dark brown beer, glowing a cloudy mahogany when held up to a light. A very large, khaki colored head floats atop, with plenty of sticky lacing remaining behind.

Cacao nibs are pretty prominent in the nose, with wheat grain and continental malts as well.

Wheat grains and Munich malts start off the taste, Hefe characteristics of banana and clove, lingering darker fruits in the background, with some underlying chocolate as well. The mouth is fairly full and smoothly carbonated.

It is nice to see a bit of a unique spin on a style that you don’t run into every day, but Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen lacks a bit of the wow factor that you would expect from a waxed bottle of beer. Overall pretty good though, and I am interested to see what the future holds in store for the Storm Cellar Series from Bad Weather Brewing.

Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen : B
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