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Ballast Point Dorado Beer Review

About a month ago I was visiting my friend in San Diego, and while down their I picked up a Double IPA from Ballast Point that I had never tried before called Dorado Double IPA. A couple of days ago I found a bottle of it here in Minnesota, so tonight I will be revisiting what I recall to be a tasty brew.

Ballast Point Dorado is a crystal clear, deep golden into amber colored beer, sporting a voluminous off-white head. A fairly thick sheet of lacing adorns the glass as the beer is consumed.

The is a bit of pale malt in the scent, but the focus is on floral and citrus hop notes, with a spicy alcohol in the background.

Bready and lightly toasted malts start off the taste, laying a foundation for the hops, which take center stage. Starting floral, followed by citrus and grapefruit, lemon accents, with piney resinous notes winding things up. A spicy alcohol provides a bit of warmth, with a bitter aftertaste. The mouth is medium bodied with a bit of carbonic bite.

San Diego is the IIPA capital of the world, in my opinion, and Ballast Point Dorado is yet another example of why that is so. Filled to the brim with lupulin goodness, Dorado is sure to please and hop head looking for their next fix.

Ballast Point Dorado : A-

Ballast Point Dorado Specs
ABV: 10%
IBUs: 90
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