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Ballast Point Piper Down Beer Review

Ballast Point Brewing Company has really impressed me with their line of beers since I first was exposed to them a couple of years ago. While many of their beers are quite hop forward, tonight I will be checking out what I assume to be a more malt focused beer; a Scottish Ale with 5.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Ballast Point Piper Down.

Ballast Point Piper Down is a brown colored beer, glowing a brilliant orange-red color when held up to a light source. A small cream colored head tops it off, with specs of lacing clinging here and there on the glass.

The nose is mainly focused on a array of caramel notes, with hints of lighter fruity esters lingering in the background.

Sweet caramel malts are the focus of the taste as well, light toasty accent, apple and pear in the yeast transition, low hop bitterness and low earthy hop flavor rounding things out. Balance towards the malt. Mouth is medium-full bodied, some light sweetness in the finish, moderately carbonated with low astringency.

While Piper Down might not have the same “wow” factor that many of the beers brewed by Ballast Point exhibit, it still is a very tasty beer and a nice representation of the style. As the newest wave of craft beer fans mature and they seek out different styles outside of the current IPA boom, I feel like Scottish and English styles will pick up in popularity. Featuring a nice, complex malt profile, Piper Down should suit anyone looking for their Scottish fix.

Ballast Point Piper Down : B+
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