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Big Woods Morning Wood Beer Review

I’ve had some beers from Big Woods Brewery around town before, but I have yet to sit down with any of their stuff and give them a close look until now. Tonight I will be reviewing Big Woods Morning Wood, which is an American Coffee Stout. Apparently Morning Wood was voted ABR’s best beer in 2012 and 2013, although I was there both times and personally was oblivious that there was voting on such a thing. Oblivious tends to be a pretty good descriptor for me in general at any serious beer fest.

Big Woods Morning Wood is a black bodied beer, with just the faintest of a mahogany glow dimly shining through when held up to a light. A small khaki-colored head briefly tops it off, with a ring of lacing remaining behind after each tilt.

The nose has lots of coffee, black and chocolate malts, lightly roasted, and a touch of a citrus hop way in the background.

Bitter coffee underlies the taste, with caramel and black malts providing a foundation, neutral yeast, with earthy hops accented with citrus winding things up. The mouth is medium bodied and evenly carbonated.

Big Woods Morning Wood smells great, but the taste pulls back just a touch from there. Overall it is a nicely made stout, and is worth a look from anyone exploring the beer scene in the Twin Cities.

Big Woods Morning Wood : B

Big Woods Morning Wood Specs
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 35
Hops: Fuggle, Cascade
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