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Boom Island Hoodoo Beer Review

Boom Island Brewing Company has been operating here in the Twin Cities for a couple of years now, and they specialize in authentic Belgian styles of beer. Tonight I will get the first review of their beers up on my site, with Boom Island Hoodoo, which is a Dubbel with 8.5% Alcohol By Volume.

Boom Island Hoodoo is a purplish-black colored beer, glowing a somewhat hazy mahogany when held up to a light. A small tan head briefly tops it off, with specs of lacing adorning the glass.

The nose is focused on the notes from the yeast, darker fruits, hints of banana, accented with spicy notes, chocolate, a bit of alcohol in the background.

Continental malts start things off in the taste, plenty of fruity esters in the transition, apples, pears, a touch of banana, with a touch of a spicy hop in the finish. The mouth is fairly full and smooth, with some fruitiness in the finish.

While the malt profile could be just a bit more complex to take it to the next level, Boom Island Hoodoo has a nice display of complex Belgian yeast, providing plenty of flavor that evolves as the beer is enjoyed. I’ve had Hoodoo on a number of different occasions since Boom Island came onto the scene, and have enjoyed it every time. Local fans of Belgian beers should definitely give Hoodoo a look if they haven’t already.

Boom Island Hoodoo : B+

Boom Island Hoodoo Specs
ABV: 8.5%
SRM: 26
OG: 18.5
FG: 3
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