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Boulevard Coffee Ale Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a beer from Boulevard Brewing Company’s Smokestack series that I haven’t tried before called Boulevard Coffee Ale. Coffee Ale was released earlier this year in the spring, so it has a bit of age on it, but at 9.3% Alcohol By Volume I’m guessing it is drinking just fine.

Boulevard Coffee Ale is a deep brown colored beer, glowing a fairly hazy, mahogany color when held up to a light. Doing so reveals a fair amount of rising bubbles, which join a pretty large, khaki colored head. A nice amount of sticky lacing is left behind on the glass.

Coffee jumps out the most in the nose, with caramel and chocolate malts underlying.

The beer expands into a full mouth upon taking a sip, with a fairly lively carbonation for the style. Caramel malts, accented with chocolate and black, form a large base for the taste, with light fruits in the cherry to apple range occupying the transition, with roasted coffee providing some bitterness in the finish.

The coffee isn’t too intense in an eight-month-old version of Boulevard Coffee Ale, but I have a feeling it was a bit more intense when originally released, as the cork really smelled of roasted beans. That said, the beer is quite tasty and enjoyable. The mouthfeel has occupied a lot of my attention, as the beer seems to expand quite a bit when hitting the tongue. Boulevard Coffee Ale is worth checking out next time it hits the shelves.

Boulevard Coffee Ale : B+

Boulevard Coffee Ale Specs
Color (EBC) 83.5
IBUs: 26
Original Gravity Plato: 19.4
Final Gravity Plato: 4.1
ABV: 9.3%
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