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A 3-Way with Bigfoot

When I think of the word ‘vertical’, two things come to mind.  The first and most obvious is Michael Jordan.  The second, and most awkward is Olivia Newton John.  Now I don’t have an 80’s spandex workout gear crush on Olivia ...

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BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout

I am staying home and not braving the crowds of drunken bros drinking green swill this St Patrick’s Day. I wanted something dark and stormy to go with the weather tonight. I remembered the Bluegrass Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Stout ...

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Upland Cherry Lambic

This 750 mL bottle was from the late 2008 or early 2009 bottling.  It was corked and capped; now Upland lambics are corked and caged like a champagne bottle. The first pour was beautiful – crystal clear and the color ...

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60 Second Beer Review: Yazoo Brewing Company Sue (Video) acquired some of Nashville’s finest, Yazoo’s Sue – an Imperial Smoked Porter. I kinda fell in love…all over again. The post 60 Second Beer Review: Yazoo Brewing Company Sue (Video) appeared first on » Beer Reviews

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Upland Strawberry Lambic

This beer gushed like I’ve never seen a beer erupt before! It had been gently resting in the refrigerator before discharging a dark foamy mess on the counter when opened.  After capturing the remaining beer in a flute it retained ...

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Against the Grain Heine’s Big Bro

Although it’s up for debate, coffee and alcohol can be very addictive substances. Addictive in the sense, that we crave one prior and one after a long day of work or a stressful workweek. I guess work can be a ...

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Sun King Isis

The body was a rich golden with an antique white head. The lace coated the inside of the glass and stayed throughout the drink. The smell was of intense tropical fruit! Also pine needles and a bit floral. There was ...

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My Cup Runneth Over

I get asked all the time why I rack up so many miles and make running a big part of my life.  Running has been good to me.  It keeps me in shape.  It’s how I met my wife.  And of utmost importance, it ...

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Bell’s Black Note

Recently, I headed over to the Holy Grale to meet my buddy, Hipster Steve, for their Bell’s Black Note Stout tasting.  With the event starting around 4 p.m., I figured by the time I got there at 5 p.m., the place ...

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