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Clown Shoes Billionaire Beer Review

Today I came across a new limited release beer from Clown Shoes called Billionaire, which is an English Barleywine with 12% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Billionaire was brewed to commemorate their 4th anniversary, and was aged in cognac barrels.

Clown Shoes Billionaire is a deep brown colored beer, shining a murky copper color when held up to a light. A small tan head tops it off, leaving behind legs on the glass as the beer is swirled.

The nose is dominated by a thick caramel malt, perfumy, dark fruit accents, and some background alcohol spice.

Thick caramel malts start things off in the taste, plenty of fruity esters with berry, apple and pear notes, medium earthy hop bitterness, some background barrel notes, with caramel sweetness lingering in the finish. Alcohol spice is well blended but noticeable if looked for.  Mouth is full bodied, creamy, medium carbonation and slight astringency.

Clown Shoes Billionaire is a really nice beer, and it is going down a bit too easily for a beer of its size. Slightly lower attenuation would move it into the top tier in my book, but worth checking out for sure.

Clown Shoes Billionaire : A-
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