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Deschutes Foray Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a new Belgian IPA from Deschutes brewing called Foray, which has 6.4% Alcohol By Volume. Available from June through September, Foray can be found sold in bombers.

Deschutes Foray is a pale golden colored beer, small white head with splotches of lacing clinging here and there to the glass.

The nose has some underlying fruity Belgian esters, but is mainly focused on hops, with a pungent resin, floral and berry notes.

Well attenuated sweet malt starts things off in the taste, with Belgian yeast providing background lighter fruit notes in the apple and pear range, with medium hop bitterness and medium-high hop flavor starting floral, citrus, lots of tropical fruit, with a hint of pine in the background. Mouth is medium bodied, pretty actively carbonated with some carbonic bite on the tongue, mostly dry with a bit of a lingering fruity note from the hops.

Usually Deschutes has some pretty solid prices, so I was surprised when this beer range up around $ 15, which I suspect might have been entered incorrectly into their system. If that is supposed to be the price then it is not worth it, but overall Foray is a pretty tasty beer. The Belgian characteristics are fairly subdued but do work well with the hop presentation.

Deschutes Foray : B

Deschutes Foray Specs
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 60
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