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DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Beer Review

As an extra in my trade for DFH American Beauty, I received a pretty interesting looking beer called DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus. Sweet Baby Jesus is an American Porter with 6.5% Alcohol By Volume, and DuClaw refers to it as a “chocolate peanut butter porter.” This will be my first experience with DuClaw Brewing Company, which is located in Maryland.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus is a black bodied beer, with a dim mahogany glow penetrating when held up to a light. A small khaki colored head tops it off briefly, with scattered bits of lacing here and there on the glass.

The nose has a lot of peanut butter and chocolate malt, some caramel, with hints of darker fruits in the background.

Caramel and chocolate start off the taste, salted peanuts, darker fruity esters, with earthy hops rounding it out. The mouth is medium bodied and evenly carbonated.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus is certainly a unique beer, and is worth checking out for that reason alone, but it is also pretty tasty and a nice twist on the classic Porter style. It’s probably not a beer I would want to house a bunch of over the course of a night, but one bottle hits the spot.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus : B

DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus Specs
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 53
Gravity: 16 Plato
Malts: Pale, Chocolate, Crystal, Black, Brown, Roasted Barley
Hops: Fuggle, Goldings
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