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Evil Twin Joey Pepper Beer Review

Evil Twin Brewing just recently started distributing here in Minnesota, and tonight I will give them a first look with a beer called Joey Pepper. A Saison with 7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), Joey Pepper is a collaboration beer brewed with California’s Sante Adairius Rustic Ales.

Evil Twin Joey Pepper is a hazy, golden colored beer, briefly sporting a small white head which dots the glass with specs of foam.

Peppery, spicy phenols stand out in the scent, with some underlying sweet malts.

Sweet pale malts start things off in the taste, with the Belgian yeast taking center stage. Pepper spice with hints of lighter fruit notes and a bit of bubblegum. Low spicy hop flavor and low hop bitterness, balance towards the malt. Mouth is medium bodied, smoothly carbonated, with a touch of lingering sweetness as well as pepper spice in the finish.

Evil Twin Joey Pepper is a pretty straightforward beer, but it is nicely crafted and tasty. The yeast characteristics provide the majority of the flavor, with the other ingredients playing supporting roles. Overall a pretty tasty beer, and one that makes me interested in trying more from this brewery.

Evil Twin Joey Pepper : B
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