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Falls City 502 American Pale Ale

Given the recent holiday –  I am “thankful” that Brian Reymiller and Falls City are constantly putting out a variety of quality beers at the taproom. It is nice to try variations on popular styles. Anytime you go to the tasting room you will likely find something you haven’t had before.

Recently I picked up a growler of the 502 American Pale Ale. This is a 100% Amarillo Hopped recipe by brewmaster Reymiller.

The beer was a bright copper/honey color with sticky off-white lacing. The ABV is 5.5% and the IBU’s are 55.

When I opened this freshly filled growler I was pleasantly blown back by the pungent hops. A fall day in a glass! Fresh raked leaves and spicy hops. I kept sticking my nose in the glass just to enjoy that crispy fresh aroma.

The flavor was framed by a lightly caramel sweetness but the real star was the hops. Big hops taste was there without an overwhelming bitterness (save that for the IPAs). There was a distinct aspirin character and a piquant spiciness. Some notes of citrus and lemon were in the mix too. The finish was pretty dry. This one is well balanced and so very drinkable.

The body was light to medium and the carbonation was adequate. This would be the only mark against this solid APA. The body could have been a notch higher. Overall I would recommend this autumnal offering, the 502 APA is a very tasty beer. » Beer Reviews

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