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Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen Beer Review

It has been a while since the last time that I checked out anything new from Full Sail Brewing Company, but tonight I will check out a beer from their Brewer’s Share Series, a line of limited release beers. It is a Weizenbock with 7.2% Alcohol By Volume called Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen, which was developed by their Assistant Packaging Supervisor named Wendell Bryant.

Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen is a mahogany colored beer, glowing a crystal clear amber when held up to a light. The internal state is very active, and atop is a medium-sized, cream-colored head, trailing a nice web of lacing.

Clean continental malts are the main aspect of the scent, accented by wheat grain and some earthy undertones.

Rich German malts start off the taste, faintly toasted, with fruity notes in the transition, apple and berries, wheat grain, with a light grassiness rounding it out. Mouth is medium bodied and fairly actively carbonated.

You don’t run into Weizenbocks very often, so Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen is worth a look just to get some more exposure to the style, but overall it is a pretty nice beer. Clean and drinkable, with a nice amount of flavor, Vendell’s Veizen is a nice example of a German style presented by an accomplished American craft brewery.

Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen : B

Full Sail Vendell’s Veizen Specs
ABV: 7.2%
IBUs: 21
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