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Green Flash Le Freak Beer Review

Within the last month or so a couple of San Diego breweries started distributing here in Minnesota; Ballast Point Brewing Company and Green Flash Brewing Company. I am already pretty familiar with Ballast Point, as I have gone to their brewery and they sent me some samples, but tonight will be the only the second time I sit down with a bottle of beer from Green Flash.

I will be trying out Green Flash Le Freak, which is a Belgian IPA with 9.2% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Green Flash bills Le Freak as a combination of a Belgian Tripel and American Imperial IPA.

Green Flash Le Freak is a clear, deep amber colored beer, sporting a medium sized cream-colored head. Splashes of lacing cling to the glass here and there.

The nose has a lot of spicy Belgian yeast, a hint of honey, with a sweet pale malt background.

Peppery spice picks up more strength in the taste, following a pale malt base, hints of green apples, lighter fruit accents, with some grassy, citrusy and herbal hops finishing things off. The mouth is a touch fuller than medium bodied and fairly actively carbonated.

I am liking what I’ve seen so far from Green Flash, having had their Double Stout a couple of years ago.  Le Freak has a nice amount of Belgian spice, which dominates at first, but as the taste evolves the IIPA aspects come into balance. Definitely worth a look.

Green Flash Le Freak : A-

Green Flash Le Freak Specs
ABV: 9..2%
IBUs: 101
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