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Green Flash West Coast IPA Beer Review

The other day when I was reviewing Green Flash Le Freak I noted that now that their beers are on our shores here in MN, it is time for me to check out the bulk of their lineup. Tonight I picked up a couple more beers from Green Flash Brewing Company, and the first one I will check out is what I believe to be their flagship beer, an American IPA with 7.3% Alcohol By Volume called Green Flash West Coast IPA.

Green Flash West Coast IPA is a copper colored beer, which glows a mainly clear, deep amber when held up to a light source. A generous cream colored head floats atop, with plenty of lacing adorning the glass.

The nose does has some underlying pale and caramel malt, but the main focus is on a bright hop presentation, with floral, lots of citrus and grapefruit, along with resinous pine.

Bready pale malts start things off in the taste, caramel, with some lighter fruity esters in the transition, moving into grassy and floral hops, citrus, grapefruit, hints of tropical fruit, with piney bitterness winding things down. Alcohol spice is very faint and likely to go undetected. The mouth is fairly full bodied and evenly carbonated.

In my mind San Diego is the IPA capital of America, and Green Flash West Coast IPA is another solid example of why. A wide range of hop flavors are in full force, and shall certainly satisfy any lupulin addict. Definitely worth a look.

Green Flash West Coast IPA : A-

Green Flash West Coast IPA Specs
ABV: 7.3%
IBUs: 95
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