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He’Brew David’s Slingshot Beer Review

I’m at least trying to get to some of the beers that are available locally that I haven’t gotten to this summer while it is too hot to be shipping beer around, and the other day I picked up a Hops In He’Brew Variety Pack from the He’Brew branch of the Shmaltz Brewing Company. So far I have only reviewed one of their collaboration beers, so this will give us a more in depth look at their line.

The first one I will check out is an American Pale Lager with 5.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called He’Brew David’s Slingshot. David’s Slingshot is the first lager to appear in the He’Brew line of beers, and it is only found in the variety pack and on draft.

He’Brew David’s Slingshot is a mildly hazy, golden colored beer, with a small and short-lived off-white head. Lacing remains behind in scattered flecks.

The nose is pretty centered around a tropical fruit and citrus hop profile, with pale malts intermingling with pilsner and hints of rye grain.

The hops also stand out in the taste following a clean malt base, mainly pale with a touch of spicy rye and subliminal wheat grain. Citra is the stand out hop, providing tropical fruit highlights to a citrus and floral mixture. A bit of earthy bitterness as well. The mouth is a bit lighter than medium bodied and highly carbonated.

He’Brew David’s Slingshot is a nice entry in the emerging Hoppy Pale Lager style of beer. Most of the entries in this new style brand themselves as “India Pale Lagers, or IPLs, mainly to cash in on the popularity of IPAs, but David’s Slingshot doesn’t have enough malts to take it to that level. It’s mainly what it sets out to be, which is a nice, light and drinkable summer beer sporting a nice dose of hops.

He’Brew David’s Slingshot : B

He’Brew David’s Slingshot Specs
ABV: 5.5%
Hops: Cascade, Saaz, Summit, Citra, Crystal
Malts: Specialty 2-Row, Caramel Pils, Rye Ale, Crystal Rye, Vienna, Wheat, Flaked Oats
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