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Hinterland Berliner Weisse Beer Review

I haven’t really gone through much of the line of beers from Green Bay Brewing Company, which sells under the label of Hinterland, but tonight I will check out a limited release offering from them called Hinterland Berliner Weisse. At 3.2% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), this example falls into the traditional range for Berliner Weisse, which traditionally was quite a light style of beer.

Hinterland Berliner Weisse is a straw colored beer, mildly hazy, with a very large white head floating atop. Minimal specs of lacing remain behind in its wake.

The nose initially has some lemony sour notes, with just a hint of light pilsner malt in the background.

Bready wheat grains start things off in the taste, accented with lemony sour notes, just a touch of a leafy hop rounding things out. The mouth is lively carbonated with a light body.

Hinterland Berliner Weisse isn’t an overly complicated beer, but it could use a bit more acidity as is traditionally expected from the style. That said, it is a pretty tasty light beer, and is worth a look for any fans of Sours.

Hinterland Berliner Weisse : B-
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