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Indeed Hot Box Beer Review

Minneapolis brewery Indeed Brewing Company has been making me more a fan each time I try a new beer from them, and tonight I hope that streak continues with Indeed Hot Box, which is a Chile Beer with 9% Alcohol By Volume. A collaboration with Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub, according to their website, Hot Box is brewed with “hickory-smoked peppers and malt cold-smoked over alder, maple and apple woods.”

Indeed Hot Box is a black bodied beer, glowing a deep brown color with ruby highlights when held up to a light. A large, durable, khaki colored head tops it off, leaving a pretty solid sheet of lacing on the glass.

Smoky peppers combine with smoked malts in the nose, roasted and chocolate malt underlying.

The taste takes a while to unfold, with a complex array of flavors starting with roasted and chocolate malts, caramel accents, smoky wood, pepper spice, balance towards the malt, low citrus hop flavor, medium-low hop bitterness, with lingering pepper heat in the finish. Alcohol spice is well blended but present if looked for, intertwined with the pepper spice. Mouth is full bodied, creamy, with some warming.

Indeed Hot Box is an awesome beer. The pepper spice is intense enough to linger on the palate for a few minutes after taking a sip, yet isn’t too hot as to overwhelm, and the smoked notes are a very nice accent. Throw that all together on a very fine Imperial Porter base beer, and Indeed Hot Box should please any fan of the genre.

Indeed Hot Box : A

Indeed Hot Box Specs
ABV: 9%
IBUs: 56
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