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Indeed LSD Honey Ale Beer Review

Lavender, sunflower honey and dates are the special ingredients of Indeed Brewing Company’s LSD Honey Ale, a Fruit beer with 7.2% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). It was original brewed by the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery where Indeed’s head brewer used to work, and it won a medal at the GABF under their banner.
Indeed LSD Honey Ale is a copper colored beer, glowing a bright amber color when held up to a light. Body is mainly clear, but some fine particulate matter is suspended throughout. A small cream colored head tops it off, but fades fairly quickly.

I haven’t had a can of Sprite in many years, but that is the first impression I get from the nose. The lavender provides herbal, minty and floral notes, combining with a fainter impression from the dates.

Sweet and toasty malts start things off in the taste, with the focus on herbal, leafy, minty and floral notes, complemented by stone fruit notes from the dates, accented with the sunflower honey. Mouth is medium bodied, moderately carbonated, light creaminess, with a lingering earthy note in the finish.

Like the other LSD, Indeed LSD Honey Ale probably isn’t probably something that people would like to drink/take every day, but it has its place as a nice experience that shakes up the norm. The unique flavors all work well in harmony, and result in a very tasty beer. Anyone seeking something new in their beer should check this one out.

Indeed LSD Honey Ale : B+
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