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Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale

Tonight I will be checking out a beer that is new to me, but which was first released last winter, from Indeed Brewing Company called Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale. Old Friend Holiday Ale is a Winter Warmer with 7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and it is released annually in December.

Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale is a dark brown bodied beer, glowing a moderately hazy, reddish brown when held up to a light source. A large tan head tops it off, leaving behind quite a bit of lacing.

The nose is focused on plenty of ginger, hints of caramel and lingering darker fruity esters.

A brown malt base starts things off in the taste, complemented with sweet honey, plenty of ginger, faint darker fruits, and just a touch of an earthy and spicy hop in the finish. Mouth is medium bodied and smoothly carbonated.

Sometimes you run into a beer using ginger as part of a spice profile, but Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale shows what it can do on its own. The taste starts off focused on a holiday spice presentation, but by the time the taste is finished with its evolution, everything works together in seamless harmony. I have been quite impressed with this beer, and recommend it to my local readers here in the Twin Cities.

Indeed Old Friend Holiday Ale : A-
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