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Joseph Wolf German Style Ale Weizenbock Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a Weizenbock with 8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Joseph Wolf German Style Ale Weizenbock. According to their website, Joseph Wolf Brewing Company was a pre-prohibition brewery located in Stillwater, MN, and the original owner’s great-granddaughters have reopened the brewery, with currently 3 craft beer options available in bottles. It looks like Joseph Wolf is being contract brewed by Dubrue Brewing Company up in Duluth.

Joseph Wolf German Style Ale Weizenbock is a completely black bodied beer, with a fairly large, brown colored head which crackles away, leaving behind minimal lacing on the glass.

The nose is very malt centric, with toasty, caramel and hints of chocolate along with the wheat grain.

The wheat malt provides a grainy backbone for the taste, with rich malts taking center stage, lightly toasted, with continental, caramel and hints of chocolate, with banana and clove in the yeast transition, finishing slightly bitter with minimal hop flavor. The mouth is medium bodied and fairly lively carbonated.

I had a sample of Joseph Wolf’s Berliner Weisse at a recent BJCP training session, and between that beer and German Style Ale Weizenbock, I have been pretty impressed with their opening selections. So far they seem to be a brewery focused on traditional European styles of beer, and if you are located here in the Twin Cities and are in the mood for such things, Joseph Wolf Brewing Company seems to be worth a look.

Joseph Wolf German Style Ale Weizenbock : B
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