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Lagunitas Night Time Ale Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a new limited release beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company, a Black IPA with 8.2% Alcohol By Volume called Lagunitas Night Time Ale. There isn’t a lot of information about this beer on their website, but from what I can tell this is slated to be a one-off release at this point.

Lagunitas Night Time Ale is a nearly black bodied beer, emitting a mahogany glow when held up to a light source. A fairly large, durable khaki-colored head tops it off, with thick streaks of lacing clinging to the glass.

The nose is mainly comprised of a bright, juicy hop presentation, tropical fruit, grapefruit and citrus.

Toasty malts start things off in the taste, hints of roast, clean yeast, with medium hop bitterness and high hop flavor taking center stage. Lightly floral, with citrus, grapefruit, tropical fruit and a resinous pine closing things out. Alcohol spice is faint but detectable.Mouth is a touch lighter than medium bodied, highly carbonated with a bit of bite, medium-low warming, with juicy hop notes lingering in the aftertaste.

Black IPA fans take note, Lagunitas Night Time Ale is a juicy treat sure to satisfy your lupulin addiction. Highly attenuated malts and hop-enhancing California yeast combine to allow this bright hop presentation plenty of room to shine. A must-try limited release from Lagunitas.

Lagunitas Night Time Ale : A

Lagunitas Night Time Ale Specs
ABV: 8.2%
OG: 1.075
IBU: 65
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