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Lakefront My Turn Series: John Beer Review

Over the last few years I haven’t really had much from Lakefront Brewing Company, located in Milwaukee, although over time I’ve tried a number of their beers. Tonight I will be checking out a Munich Dunkel Lager of theirs, which is brewed utilizing cherries and is part of their limited release series called My Turn.

Lakefront My Turn: John is a brown colored beer, shining a clear ruby red when held up to a light. A large tan head tops it off, with lots of lacing remaining behind in its wake.

The nose is a pleasant mixture of cherries and a complex array of malts, primarily caramel and chocolate.

A nice complex malt profile takes center stage in the taste, spanning caramel, chocolate and accented by honey notes, with cherries interwoven nicely. Yeast is neutral and the hop finish is comprised of just a touch of leafy and floral notes. The mouth is medium bodied and moderately carbonated, with the cherries lingering in the aftertaste.

Lakefront My Turn: John is quite a nice and pleasant drink, and is worth a try from those who have Lakefront beers in their neck of the woods. Everything is balanced nicely, with a clean lager fermentation, resulting in an easy drinking and tasty brew.

Lakefront My Turn: John : B+

Lakefront My Turn: John Specs
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 20
Gravity: 16 Plato
Malts: 2-row, Gambrinus Honey, Caramel 45, Chocolate, Belgian Debittered Chocolate
Hops: Mt. Hood
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