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Left Coast Hop Juice Beer Review

Recently some beers from San Clemente’s  Left Coast Brewing Company showed up here in Minnesota for the first time, and tonight I will be giving them my first look. I picked up a bottle of Left Coast Hop Juice, which is an American Double IPA with 9.7% Alcohol By Volume. Hop Juice is one of five beers in their current regular release lineup.

Left Coast Hop Juice is a deep amber color, which proves to be crystal clear when held up to a light. A medium sized off-white head tops it off, leaving behind a wall of lacing in its wake.

The nose has a lot of syrupy sweet malts mixed in with a robustly resinous, citrus and grapefruit hop presentation.

A thick layer of sweet malts start off the taste, with pale, caramel, biscuit, lighter fruity esters, with the dominant hops starting floral, citrus, grapefruit and resinous pine rounding it out. The mouth is fairly full bodied and smoothly carbonated.

Left Coast Hop Juice isn’t the most refined Imperial IPA that you’ll run across, but it will certainly satisfy any lupulin addict’s cravings for a night. I understand the need to have a nice base of malt to support an aggressive hop profile, but I think Hop Juice is just a bit too sweet. Overall it is a bit discordant, but tastes pretty good.

Left Coast Hop Juice : B-

Left Coast Hop Juice Specs:
ABV: 9.7%
IBUs: 82
Hops: CTZ, Cascade, Mt. Hood
Dry Hop: Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe
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