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NABC’s Citra Ass Clown: Broken Down

I don’t do beer reviews anymore, so this post isn’t going to go into the aromatic qualities (which were awesome) or how Citra Ass Clown tasted (pretty damn good).  The truth is, the howler I received, I shared with many beer friends at a beer establishment.  So I wasn’t on UNTAPPD!, I wasn’t taking notes, I was just discussing the beer with others who enjoyed good beer.  The overall consensus: Solid™.

With that, here is my review, not on the beer, but rather how it got to the consumers palate.

When your head brewer personally delivers a beer which his assistant brewers produced.

5 out of 5

Head Brewer David Pierce personally delivered twenty ATG howlers to many beer people in Louisville the day of the release.  Pierce noted in his description of the beer that the old man let the young pups (Josh Hill, Peter Fingerson, and Ben Minton) create the beer.  Keep it coming please. Those boys have potential, you just gotta let them fly.  In the words of Sam Cruz of Against the Grain, brewing should be fun.  This Citra Ass Clown release is what it’s all about.

Roger Baylor having fun and liking it.

5 out of 5

You know that scene in the Grinch That Stole Christmas where the Grinch starts to crack a smile?  Yea, this scene.


That’s not how I pictured Roger Baylor this week. Because if you really knew him beyond his incessant pecking at a computer, you’d know he has a sense of humor and is pretty likeable (did I just type that?).  He has been my favorite guest on the podcast thus far, even if he didn’t listen to it.  Come across the river Louisville and you’ll find out.  Speaking of that…

Louisville beer geeks/fans/drinkers coming across the river to NABC.

1 out of 5

You all suck, no really you do.  You all will stand for hours waiting for a specific beer or release, but you won’t drive 15 minutes across I-64 to Bank Street or The Public House?  Have you never had the god damn Croque Madame at Bank Street, better yet their frites?  The food is phenomenal.  You will also get to try a lot of beers we don’t get to see across the river.  So yea, they make good stuff, but you just are either too lazy or stubborn to go try it.  I don’t care if you think Hoptimus has changed or you disagree with Roger’s views, get in your car and give it a try, you’ll thank me later.

NABC buying ATG howlers and slapping their logo on it above ATGs.

5 OUT OF 5

Pure brilliance on their part.  ATG had to wonder why Peter Fingerson would buy 20 howlers, I mean, unless he was starting a howler fleshlight business.


The “Censored” Ale Press Release and Video

4 out of 5

I’ll admit, I thought the whole thing was just one big joke.  I called bullshit.  I then ate crow.  I felt they were just mocking the beer geek culture (maybe they were still), but I raised a brow.  You win this round, Baylor. THIS ROUND!

What we just witnessed over the past few days is exactly what I’ve been waiting for from NABC.  They executed it masterfully, and the beer lived up to the “hype”. Kudos NABC, Kudos.

Editor’s Note:

Against the Grain’s “Crease and Refist” response

5 out of 5

Adam’s response to the kerfuffle was very well written and hilarious as well. Here’s their list of demands:

  1. Crease and Refist from any and all use of humor in connection with beer and brewing. In fact, we recommend that you stop trying to be funny at all.
  2. Roger has to shave his damn neck.
  3. Roger must also cease attending city hall meetings or at least stop posting about them all the time.
  4. David must henceforth cease blasting his muscles at JCC or anywhere else for that matter.
  5. Josh and Ben may continue doing whatever they want.
  6. Who is Peter Fingerson?

Well played.

–John Wurth » Beer Reviews

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