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New Belgium FOCOllaberation Beer Review

A few weeks ago I tried a new collaboration beer between fellow Fort Collins, CO breweries New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing Company called FOCOllaberation. An American Pale Ale with 6.75% Alcohol by Volume, FOCOllaberation is the 6th edition of New Belgium’s Hop Kitchen series.

New Belgium FOCOllaberation is a deep amber into copper colored beer, clear complexion, with a small cream colored head briefly topping it off. Specs of lacing remain behind on the glass.

Sweet and toasty malts underlie the scent, but the focus in on bright hops, citrus, grapefruit and tropical fruit accents.

Malts start things off in the taste, sweet, lightly toasty, with hints of grain, neutral yeast, with a medium hop hop flavor ranging from floral, citrus, grapefruit, with tropical fruit and berry notes accenting. Low hop bitterness. Flavor is fairly balanced but leans towards the hops. Finish is fairly dry, mouth is medium bodied, with a fair amount of carbonation.

I remember liking it a bit more when I first tried it, but overall FOCOllaberation is a pretty nice APA. It continues the trend of less bitterness and more flavor and aroma from the hop additions, with all of the fashionable hops in play. Worth a check if you find it.

New Belgium FOCOllaberation : B

New Belgium FOCOllaberation Specs
ABV: 6.75%
IBUs: 55
Hops: Citra, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo
Malts: Pale, Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Fawcett Crystal 45

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