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New Belgium Rewind IPA Beer Review

The latest edition in the Hop Kitchen line of beers from New Belgium Brewing is called Rewind India Pale Ale, which has 7% ABV. Today I picked up a few beers, and the top is about to be popped on my bottle of Rewind IPA.

New Belgium Rewind IPA is a brown colored beer, glowing a crystal clear, deep amber color when held up to a light. A medium sized cream colored head tops it off, with quite a bit of lacing adhering to the glass.

Toasty malts mingle in the nose with earthy hops, accented with hints of pine.

Toasty English base malts start off the taste, hints of fruity esters in the transition, with the hop finish primarily earthy, a fair amount of floral, with lighter fruit notes in the berry and apricot range. The mouth is a touch fuller than medium bodied and moderately carbonated.

New Belgium Rewind India Pale Ale is a homage to what craft beer was like in the 90′s, and it really reminds me of the state of things in the early 2000′s when I got into the sport. While 7% ABV was fairly high back in that day, the hop and malt arraignments are familiar, providing a nice window to the past for those who are new to the craft beer scene.

New Belgium Rewind IPA : B

New Belgium Rewind IPA Specs
ABV: 7%
IBUs: 65
Hops: Horizon, Willamette, Galena
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