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New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a beer from the Lips of Faith series that I haven’t tried before; a collaboration between New Belgium Brewing and Brewerij Boon called Transatlantique Kriek. This Fruit Lambic has 8% ABV, and is a blend of 55% Strong Golden Ale and 45% Lambic.

New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek is a purple colored beer, glowing a crystal clear ruby red when held up to a light. A small pink head tops it off, with a fair amount of lacing on the glass.

Sour cherries are the main element of the nose, with a hint of sour wild influence.

Sour and tart dark cherries is also the main element of the taste, with a bit of mustiness, a touch of sourness from the wild bugs, hints of grain and a kiss of alcohol spice. Mouth is a touch lighter than medium bodied, somewhat sharp on the tongue.

Overall New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek is a pretty tasty beer, but it didn’t rise up to what I was hoping for in terms of the Lambic characteristics. I don’t know, but I feel like the Lambic portion of the beer was pasteurized fairly early on in its life, halting the wild characteristics in their infancy. It should appeal more to Fruit Beer fans than Lambic fans.

New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek : B-

New Belgium Transatlantique Kriek Specs
ABV: 8%
IBU: 8
Hops: Willamette
Malts: Pale, Red Wheat, Carapils, Roasted Barley
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