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New Glarus Dubbel Beer Review

New Glarus Brewing Company is the premier brewery of our neighbor to the east Wisconsin, and tonight I will be checking out a new beer of theirs called New Glarus Dubbel. The latest entry in the limited edition Thumbprint Series of beers, their Dubbel has an unlisted ABV.

New Glarus Dubbel is purplish-brown colored beer, glowing a brilliant orange-red when held up to a light source. A voluminous khaki colored head tops it off, initially leaving a lot of lacing which goes away with time.

Toasty malts underlie in the scent, but the focus is on a bouquet of fruity esters, apples, pears, with hints of berries lingering in the background.

Toasty malts start things off in the taste, hints of caramel, complemented with candi sugar, with the yeast notes again taking center stage. Apple and pear, dipping into the berry/cherry range, with spicy phenol accents. No hop bitterness, low spicy hop flavor. Medium bodied with a fair amount of carbonation that foams up as the beer roams the tongue.

New Glarus Dubbel is a very nice take on a Belgian Dubbel, and one that can hang with the traditional classics of the style. The candi sugar makes the body “digestible” as the Belgians say, with the yeast hitting all the right complex notes. Worth a try if you come across it, although New Glarus is dedicated to remaining close to their roots and won’t be found outside of Wisconsin.

New Glarus Dubbel : A-
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