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Odell Fernet Aged Porter Beer Review

Today I came across a new limited release beer from Odell Brewing Company called Fernet Aged Porter, which is an American Imperial Porter with 9.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). The beer is aged in Fernet barrels, which is a liquer made of many different spices and, according to Wikipedia, is popular in Argentina and San Francisco. Fernet Aged Porter is a collaboration between Odell Brewing Company and Leopold Brothers Distillery, which provided the barrels.

Odell Fernet Aged Porter is a black bodied beer, with just a faint hint of deep brown light peaking through when held up to a source. A fairly large and durable tan colored head tops it off, depositing lots of lacing on the glass.

There is a Porter base in the nose, but a wide variety of spices maintains most of the attention.

Sweet black and caramel malts start off the taste, but a wave of spices rolls over the tongue taking center stage. Minty, spicy, bitter, medicinal, leafy and grassy, earthy, with floral elements as well. The base beer gains more prominence as the taste evolves. The mouth is medium bodied and smoothly carbonated.

To start off, Odell Fernet Aged Porter is not going to be for everyone. It is a nice Porter base seamlessly weaved with a complex array of spices, and not everyone is going to like it. That said, I am thoroughly enjoying it and find it to be one of the more interesting beers that I have had in a while. Adventurous beer drinkers are advised to pick up a bottle and check out Fernet Aged Porter.

Odell Fernet Aged Porter : A
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