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Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

The other day I noticed a beer from Odell Brewing Company that I hadn’t tried before, so tonight I will be popping the top on Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA. Sporting a hefty 10.1% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), Tree Shaker is part of Odell’s Cellar Series of beers. This beer utilizes 3000 pounds of pureed Colorado peaches, which sounds like quite a bit but who knows what the batch size was.

Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA is a amber colored beer, mostly clear with just the slightest of haze, with a small off-white head. Lacing is minimal.

Peaches and alcohol are the standouts in the nose, with fruity and floral hops lingering in the background.

Sweet malt starts things off in the taste, with the peaches standing out, playing off of the citrus and floral hops which round things out. Alcohol spice provides some warmth but overall is well integrated. Mouth is medium bodied and actively carbonated, with the citrus hop notes lingering in the finish.

Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA is a pretty big beer, but it drinks pretty smooth. I could use a bit more of a hop kick in a Double IPA, but Odell was shooting for a nicely balanced beer that allows the peaches to assert themselves while maintaining harmony.

Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA : A-
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