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Olvalde Brynhildr’s Gift Beer Review

There have been quite a number of new breweries popping up around the Twin Cities over the last handful of years, but there is also a highly regarded new brewery tucked away in something called Rollingstone, MN (which is near the border with Wisconsin in the southern part of the state) called Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company. Unless I’ve tried one at a beer fest, I don’t think I’ve tried their beers yet, so I will check out their Saison called Olvalde Brynhildr’s Gift. Brynhildr’s Gift has an ABV of 8.2%.

Olvalde Brynhildr’s Gift is a hazy, deep amber colored beer, with traces of sediment floating about on first pour. A small off-white head doesn’t last too long and traces of lacing remain behind on the glass.

Sweet pale malts underlie the nose, with bubblegum and hints of spice along with a touch of juniper berry.

A nice amount of malt starts off the taste, pale with hints of caramel and accented with spicy rye, yeasty bubblegum and lighter fruit notes, juniper berries with hints of herbal hops closing things out. The mouth is medium bodied and smoothly carbonated.

Olvalde Brynhildr’s Gift is quite a nice and enjoyable beer, and it has piqued my interest in checking out other beers from their lineup. Lots of complexity, with everything nicely balanced, Brynhildr’s Gift draws from several traditional brewing styles. Definitely worth checking out.

Olvalde Brynhildr’s Gift : A-
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