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Barreled Souls rolls out an impressive lineup

There are four primary ingredients in all beer : malts, hops, water and yeast. Some brewers focus on the hops, some build up a very strong malty backbone to their beers. Barreled Souls – a weeks-old brewery in Saco – ...

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The New Home of IPAs

The hoppiest and best hoppy beers are on found in the Pacific Northwest and in Southern California?—?the undisputed kingdom of hops… right? [...Read More] The Beer Babe | The Beer Babe

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Clown Shoes Space Cake Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out an American Double IPA from Clown Shoes called Space Cake, which has 9% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). I had a sample of this beer not too long ago with a few work buddies, but ...

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Stone Unapologetic IPA Beer Review

Stone Brewing Company has been very focused on releasing many limited release and/or collaboration beers over the last couple of years, and tonight I will be checking out the latest; an American Double IPA with 8.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) ...

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New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Beer Review

New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk has a well deserved reputation as a top tier Imperial Stout, and tonight I will be checking out a derivative of it called Dragon’s Milk Reserve. Aged in oak with chilies, Dragon’s Milk Reserve matches the base ...

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Deschutes Foray Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a new Belgian IPA from Deschutes brewing called Foray, which has 6.4% Alcohol By Volume. Available from June through September, Foray can be found sold in bombers. Deschutes Foray is a pale golden colored beer, ...

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