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Lone Pine is on the Brink of Expansion

Lone Pine Brewing Company opened in 2016, joining the hub of fermentation and hand-crafted beverages in Portland’s East (aka “Yeast”) Bayside neighborhood. On my first visit, its quirky pink building on Anderson Street struck me as a little weird, and ...

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Center of Maine becomes Craft Beer Central

There’s something very beery happening in central Maine right now. One of the things that makes Maine interesting is the contrast between its capital city, Augusta, and the largest cities: the cultural differences between its inland communities and coastal hubs. ...

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Three Bright Maine Beers to Bring You Into Spring

When you’re a beer fan, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut, absent-mindedly coming back to the same styles over and over again. Maybe you’re rotating among five IPAs on tap at a bar or maybe you’ve stocked your ...

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Coming Soon: Maine-Made Coasters for your Craft Brews

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the importance of the beer coaster? The paperboard circles are ubiquitous, found at both the swankiest craft beer bars and the lowliest dives. Not purely for decoration, their fibers are absorbent, they ...

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Something for Everyone at Foulmouthed Brewing

A regular task that is both fun and gut-wrenching is to be asked by someone from out of town where they should go for beer in Portland, followed by the comment that they’ll only have a day (or less!) to ...

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Beers of Future Past

When I moved to the Brunswick area, I didn’t think I’d ever write a piece about its craft beer scene. While a few passionate restaurateurs were going out of their way to offer great craft beer, few other businesses saw ...

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