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Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans

Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans Used Book in Good Condition Ever crack open a can of Chief Oshkosh of Wisconsin, or sample Pabst’s Big Cat Malt Liquor? Remember the original St. Pauli Girl, Tennent’s bevy of lager lovelies, or ...

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Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen Beer Review

The other night I had my first look at a beer from Bad Weather Brewery, a new local brewery here in the Twin Cities. Tonight I will check out a limited release beer from them called Bad Weather Schoko-Weizen. Schoko-Weizen ...

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The Homebrewing Journal (Volume 1)

The Homebrewing Journal (Volume 1) The Home Brewing Journal equips brewers to keep detailed records of their beer making so that beer recipes can be precisely re-created. The Home Brewing Journal includes space for up to 40 brews (nearly 2000 ...

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Triplebock: Three Beer Stories

Triplebock: Three Beer Stories This is not your typical beer book. There are no homebrew recipes. There’s no brewing history — at least not true history. Instead, Triplebock is a collection of of three long short stories. In other words, it’s ...

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