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Peace Tree Imperial Stout Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a beer from Peace Tree Brewing Company, which is based in Knoxville, IA. It is an American Imperial Stout with 10% Alcohol By Volume called Peace Tree Imperial Stout, which is available on a rotating basis. I wasn’t too impressed with my first encounter with a beer from Peace Tree, so this is kind of a second look.

Peace Tree Imperial Stout is a completely black bodied beer, with no light penetrating at any point when held up to a source. A small khaki colored head briefly tops it off, with minimal lacing remaining behind on the glass.

Dark caramel and black malts are the main focus in the taste, with Belgian yeast providing some fruity esters in the background. A bit of alcohol spice is detectable as well.

Caramel and black malts start things off in the taste, lightly roasted, hints of darker fruit notes, with spiciness coming from the yeast and alcohol working in conjunction. The mouth is medium full, and fairly active on the tongue.

The Belgian yeast used in Peace Tree Imperial Stout probably fermented out more sugar than your average Imperial Stout, leaving the malt profile pretty straightforward. Overall I appreciate the walk off the beaten path, but am not overly impressed.

Peace Tree Imperial Stout : C

Peace Tree Imperial Stout Specs
ABV: 10%
Gravity: 22 Plato
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