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Rubicon IPA Beer Review

Recently a handful of breweries have begun to distribute here in Minnesota, so I have been checking out some new beers that I haven’t come across before. Tonight I will try out an American IPA with 6.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) from Rubican Brewing Company located in Sacramento.

Rubicon IPA is a deep amber into copper colored beer, fairly hazy, with a small off white head topping it off. The remaining lacing forms intricate patterns on the glass.

Citrus hops and biscuit and pale malt are pretty evenly split in the scent, accented with hints of light fruits.

The malts hold quite a bit of sway in the taste, both pale and caramel, lighter fruit notes hanging out in the background during the transition, with floral and citrus hops, some leafy accents and a bit of earthiness in the finish. The mouth is medium bodied and appropriately carbonated.

Rubicon IPA has a pretty standard west coast hop profile, which is unfortunate because there are already a million beers with a similar hop bill. That said, Rubicon IPA is a pretty tasty beer, just one that I probably wouldn’t get again due to the fairly standard recipe.

Rubicon IPA : C+
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