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Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock Beer Review

There are two new beers in this year’s edition of the Winter Favorites sample pack from Boston Brewing Company (the other being Samuel Adams Juniper IPA). This one is a Bock with 5.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock.

Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock is a very dark brown into black colored beer, shining a bright ruby red when held up to a light. A small, khaki colored head floats atop, leaving behind a fair amount of lacing.

The nose features a robust cherry presentation, tart and sweet, with underlying caramel and continental malts.

A nice caramel malt starts things off, accented with Munich malts, with the cherries not as prominent in the taste as they were in the scent, but still taking a prominent role. Just a tiny hint of spicy hop lingers in the finish. Cocoa nibs add a bit of complexity to the malt profile. The mouth is medium bodied and with a fair amount of carbonation.

Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock is probably my favorite offering in this year’s variety pack, as it is nicely balanced and full of flavor, yet remains quite drinkable. There used to be a yearly fruit beer that was included in their winter pack that I couldn’t stand, but if Cherry Chocolate Bock becomes a yearly player there wouldn’t be any objection from me.

Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock : B+

Samuel Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock Specs
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 11
SRM: 75
Hops: Tettnang, Spalt
Malts: 2-Row, Caramel 60, Munich 10
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