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Samuel Adams Escape Route Beer Review

About a month or so ago I came across a new limited release beer from Boston Beer Company called Samuel Adams Escape Route, which is a Kolsch with 5% Alcohol By Volume. I kind of forgot that I still had a bottle sitting around to be reviewed, but tonight I will get to it.

Samuel Adams Escape Route is a deep golden colored beer, the slightest of haze, with a fairly active internal state propping up a large white head. A ring of lacing remains behind after each sip.

The nose has a nice mixture of pale malts, fruity esters and some grassy and herbal hop notes.

Soft pale malts start things off in the taste, neutral yeast profile imparting hints of lighter fruits, with the hops providing grassy, floral and fruity accents in the finish. Mouth is medium bodied with a smooth feel.

Samuel Adams has gotten in the habit of releasing their seasonal releases about 3 months earlier than when the styles are typically consumed, and that seems to be the case with Escape Route as well, as Kolsch usually finds its way on the shelves during the summer months. That said, it is a nice representation of the style, and is a nice, light and drinkable beer. Bring it back during the summer months and I’ll grab another six pack.

Samuel Adams Escape Route : B

Samuel Adams Escape Route Specs
ABV: 5%
Malts: 2-row, acidulated malt, flaked barley, carafoam
Hops: Strisselspalt, Aramis
Color: 7 SRM
IBUs: 30
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