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Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider Review

Samuel Smith’s produces some of my favorite English beers, but they also make an Organic Cider which I will be checking out tonight. Organic Cider is a Common Cider with 5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider is a pale golden colored cider, with a white head briefly produced by the pour.

The apple character provides a nice a nice scent, which overall is fairly restrained.

Just a touch of sweetness brings out the apple in the taste, with some background acidity providing a bit of complexity. Light tannic astringency, medium light bodied, a bit of acidic bite, with a low lingering sweetness in the finish.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider is a nicely balanced drink; easy drinking with just a touch of sweetness. I just made a batch of Common Cider, and the profile is Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider is pretty much what I was shooting for. Very nice and worth a try for any cider fan.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider : A-
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