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Schell’s Fresh Hop Mosaic Pilsner Beer Review

Today I came across a new, limited release beer from August Schell Brewing Company called Schell’s Fresh Hop Mosaic Pilsner. Last year they also released a harvest pilsner called Schell’s Fresh Hop Citra Pils, and due to the success of that beer, they brewed another version featuring Mosaic hops. The ABV isn’t currently released.

Schell’s Fresh Hop Mosaic Pilsner is a mainly clear, straw gold colored beer, although some very fine particulate matter suspended throughout adds a bit of a haze. A medium sized white head tops it off, leaving specs of lacing behind on the glass.

A bit of grainy pilsner malt is in the scent, but the fruity hops are the main focus.

A wide array of hop flavors are on display in the taste, following a light pilsner malt start. Lemony, grassy, fruity with hints of spice. The mouth is light and refreshing.

The Mosaic hops are given a nice spotlight with the latest Fresh Hop from Schell’s, and it is apparent why they are one of the more popular newer strains of hops. They are somewhat reminiscent of Citra hops, but I feel they have a more complex taste. Definitely worth checking out this tasty beer.

Schell’s Fresh Hop Mosaic Pilsner : B+
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