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Southern Tier Goat Boy Beer Review

Tonight I will be checking out a new Weizenbock from Southern Tier Brewing Company called Goat Boy, which has 7.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Goats are of course frequently associated with the various bock styles of beer, and the one that adorns the label of Goat Boy apparently is into rock and roll.

Southern Tier Weizenbock is a cloudy, brown colored beer, with a medium sized, bubbly, cream-colored head. Lacing remains behind in scattered bits.

The nose is pretty focused on bubble gum esters, with some underlying caramel malts.

Lots of spicy phenols develop in the taste, underlying bready and caramel malt, wheat grain, bubble gum, hints of darker fruits, low earthy hop flavor with minimal bitterness, touch of alcohol spice, lingering sweetness on the tongue in the aftertaste. The mouth is medium bodied, a fair amount of carbonation with a bit of sharpness on the tongue. Low alcohol warming.

Overall Southern Tier Goat Boy is a pretty nice Weizenbock, but the flavor comes off a bit muddled. Dialing off the hops just a smidge and bumping up the malt a little would probably take this beer up another level.

Southern Tier Goat Boy : B-
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