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Stone Go To IPA Beer Review

The other day I was picking out some new beers to try, and I came across Stone Brewing Company’s new American Pale Ale with 4.5% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Stone Go To IPA. According to the bottle, Go To IPA is a “vibrant hop-bursted session IPA.” Hop-bursting is a technique that has been gaining favor in the brewing community lately; adding most or all of the hop additions late in the boil, resulting in more hop flavor and aroma, and less underlying bitterness.

Stone Go  To IPA is a clear, golden colored beer, with a large, rocky off-white head. Thick patches of lacing cling to the glass.

The nose fades off after a few minutes, but initially features a bright, tropical fruit and grapefruit hop bouquet.

A dash of bready malt provides just a bit of a base in the taste, yielding to a fruity hop flavor with grapefruit and tropical fruit notes, and a fair amount of bitterness in the finish. Yeast profile is neutral. Mouth is fairly light bodied and with a moderate amount of carbonation.

The first session IPA that I can recall running into was Founders All Day IPA, but since then a number of them have been popping up. My view towards these ”session IPAs” is that they should be priced lower than their fuller-bodied brethren. Whether that is feasible from a bottom line perspective from the breweries’ standpoint I don’t know, but as a consumer that is how I assign value to a given beer. I didn’t get a good idea of what Stone Go To IPA was priced like, as I only bought one 12 oz bottle, but it is a nice, tasty, low-alcohol beer, that one could enjoy over an extended period of time.

Stone Go To IPA : B
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