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Stone Suede Imperial Porter Beer Review

Stone Brewing Company has been hard into the collaboration beer scene lately, and tonight I will check out their latest, an Imperial Porter with 9.6% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Stone Suede Imperial Porter. Suede Imperial Porter is a joint effort between Stone, 10 Barrel and Blue Jacket, and it utilizes honey, calendula flowers and jasmine.

Stone Suede Imperial Porter is a black bodied beer, which admits a dim mahogany glow when held up to a light source. A medium sized khaki colored head floats a top, leaving scattered bits of lacing behind.

Lots of floral aspects from the jasmine and calendula flowers stand out in the nose, accented with honey and an underlying black malt base.

Smooth black malts start off the taste, minimal roast, but again the special ingredients take center stage; a variety of floral notes, both from the flowers and hops, a light fruitiness, with faint honey in the background. A hint of spicy alcohol can be detected if specifically looked for, but will otherwise remain hidden. The mouth is fairly full and smoothly carbonated.

Stone Suede Imperial Porter has a very nice taste which is both well put together and unique. It is probably not for everyone, but for those who are looking for something new Stone Suede Imperial Porter will fit the bill. Definitely worth a try while it is still around.

Stone Suede Imperial Porter: A-
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