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Stone Unapologetic IPA Beer Review

Stone Brewing Company has been very focused on releasing many limited release and/or collaboration beers over the last couple of years, and tonight I will be checking out the latest; an American Double IPA with 8.8% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) called Stone Unapologetic IPA. It is brewed in collaboration with Jamil Zainasheff, well known in the homebrewing community for his writings and podcasts, and current head brewer at his new Heretic Brewing Company. Less familiar to me is the other brewer, Julian Shargo, who is with Beechwood BBQ & Brewing, another California brewery.

Stone Unapologetic IPA is a crystal clear golden colored beer, with an off-white head topping it off and streaking a ring of lacing behind after each sip.

The nose isn’t overpowering, starting with sweet malts, a hint of alcohol spice, and hops ranging from fruity to earthy.

The hops pick up quite a bit of strength in the taste, and are as expected the main focus in the flavor. Starting leafy, moving through fruity berries, citrus and tropical fruit, with a resinous bitterness lasting into the finish. Alcohol is blended well but provides just a bit of spice. Balance is toward the hops. Mouth is medium bodied, actively carbonated, with a dry finish, low warming.

If you’ve had some of Stone’s Imperial IPAs in the past, then you should have a good idea going into it what Unapologetic IPA is about. Elevated hop flavor with a lasting bitterness in the finish, this beer should satisfy your hop craving.

Stone Unapologetic IPA : B+
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